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Software and Technologies

The most appropriate, most efficient software for every project and every customer

The software we use

Our design office uses a wide range of two-dimensional and three-dimensional mechanical design software, either purchased under annual license or rented according to the volumes of work. Our knowledge and use of a wide range of software applications enables us to meet the needs of all our customers and provide the final output in the required file format.



Autodesk AutoCad Mechanical

Specific CAD technical drawing software for mechanical design and digital prototyping is widely used in mechanical design to define dimensions and various design problems before proceeding with three-dimensional development.

We usually use Autodesk Autocad Mechanical to show customers a first draft of the design.


AutoCad with TOP application

Technical drawing software with the TOP mechanical application, which adds dedicated libraries and utilities to the normal program so that you can organize your drawing more effectively.
We use AutoCad with the TOP application to create “recent” structures that need to be modified, dimensions and certain components of plants.



A two-dimensional CAD program aimed exclusively at engineering drawing, with particular reference to mechanical engineering. It has the same features as Autocad TOP but with different graphics.
We use this software to meet specific customer needs.


Think3 DM9.0 GBG

Two-dimensional CAD software. One of the first programs used by our firm in the early years of the business. Like other technical drawing programs, it uses layers and groups to organize work more effectively.




3D CAD product engineering and design software. We use this program mainly in the heating sector, for the production of prototype burner housings, burner components and boilers.



Parametric, three-dimensional drawing and design software, used mainly for producing designs in all sectors and producing design boards for the individual components or assemblies made: from structures for high-level walkways to food-industry production machines for pasta, snacks and chocolate. We use this program to carry out FEM analyses, involving simulations that show whether a structure is subject to stresses or not.



Product design, rendering and simulation software. Like Solidworks, Inventor is used to produce various designs, design boards of individual components and assemblies and FEM analyses.


Pro Engineer - CREO 2-3

3D CAD/CAM/CAE software for 3D design, product simulation, analysis testing and in-production application. The program is often used in the automation sector.


One Spacer Co-create

Software for creating 3D CAD models: like other three-dimensional design software, it enables you to carry out dynamic modeling, produce drawings of sheet-steel parts, manage large assemblies and produce designs for production thanks to the feasibility verification function integrated into the design.


Software for authoring instruction, use and spare parts manuals

The authoring of use and spare parts manuals requires a high degree of care and precision, not to mention sector-specific technical skills. In agreement with our customers, we use various desktop publishing programs that enable us to create manuals complete with descriptive sections and technical drawings, based on standards provided by the customer or on new models that comply with EU regulatory requirements.

Software Used:

  • Adobe Pagemaker
  • Adobe Framemaker
  • Adobe Indesign
  • Microsoft Office

Integration with business software for exchanging data and materials with customers

To ensure time-efficiency and facilitate the exchange of resources and materials, we usually create a direct link with the customer’s server, to which we upload all the definitive design files, so as to obtain fast, direct, efficient feedback.

We can handle materials with the following business management systems:

  • SAP

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