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Structural validations

Structural calculations, simulations and FEM analyses for validating the structure of individual components and complex structures.

Structural calculations and FEM analyses on individual components and complex structures

Our design office undertakes structural calculations and FEM analyses (finite element method) both on individual components and complex structures.

Working in conjunction with certified professionals, we can also provide calculation reports on civil engineering structures made of metal.

Structural calculations

Structural calculations are a useful source of help and support in the design process, because they provide feedback and confirmation of the work done.

Structural calculations are carried out to check for the presence of structural problems, by determining the distribution of internal forces, moments, tensions, deformations and movements within the structure as a whole or a part of it.

Structural validations

Structural validations are carried out after completion of the structural calculations, in order to ensure that what has been calculated in theory is feasible in practice and does not incorporate particular stresses that were not analyzed when making the calculations.

They are carried out to confirm that the structural calculations were performed correctly.

Structural validations are requested for the purpose of analyzing the behavior of frame-structures, and take account of the characteristics of the location in which the structure is to be installed, such as stresses arising from weather events.

FEM analysis

The purpose of FEM analyses is to calculate the behavior of a structure on the basis of certain stresses. They play an important role in analyzing complex structures or studying the behavior of machines and mechanical systems from an engineering point of view.

FEM analysis makes it possible to design and validate new ideas in advance, so that different mechanical solutions can be considered without actually having to build and test them.

FEM analyses are usually carried out for components, unlike structural validations, which generally apply to frame-structures.

Studio ASE effettua Calcoli Strutturali, Verifiche Strutturali e Analisi FEM

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Professional profiles involved

The process of carrying out the necessary structural analyses to confirm that a design is correct, involves various professional profiles depending on whether it relates to complex structures or individual components.

Mechanical CAD Drafter

Team manager

Industrial structural designer

Technical writer

Software for structural calculations and FEM analysis

For FEM analyses, we use three-dimensional mechanical design programs capable of performing the necessary structural calculations.





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