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Structural Validation

Aluminum stator fan

Here at Studio A.S.E., we developed the three-dimensional design of a new stator fan made in two halves for a forced-draught burner.


Cheese lifter

Our design office undertook the design of a lifting system for matured cheese, for lifting the cheeses out of the ripening tank.

Condensing boiler base

Our design office carried out the solid modeling of a base for a high-efficiency condensing boiler.


Design and validation of a port crane

The design and validation of a port crane is always a particularly demanding and challenging engineering project, because it involves special attention not only to the machinery and its operation, but also to the various phases of assembly and transport.

Innovative low-power burner

On behalf of a client company, we developed the layout of an innovative low-power burner intended for light industrial and residential heating applications.


Pallet transportation line

We undertook the design of a pallet transportation system for an automated warehouse. When loaded with products, the pallets had a maximum weight of 1400 kg.

Rubber backflow preventer

We developed the design of a check valve for installation on existing boiler bodies, in order to prevent the backflow of gas from the boiler flue when the burner is switched off.

Tyre transportation line

We were commissioned to design a roller conveyor line for sorting tyres with a diameter of up to 800 mm.

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