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Product industrialization

2-4-row filling machine for sandwich biscuits

The design of a filling machine for sandwich biscuits with required throughput of 1600-3200 pieces per hour is an extremely delicate task and requires a high level of care and attention to detail, including the choice of materials that come into contact with the food product and the ease of cleaning of the machine.

Aluminum stator fan

Here at Studio A.S.E., we developed the three-dimensional design of a new stator fan made in two halves for a forced-draught burner.


Chocolate molding line

Our design office undertook the design of a chocolate molding line, designing the chain-driven handling system on a polythene profile from scratch.

Condensing boiler base

Our design office carried out the solid modeling of a base for a high-efficiency condensing boiler.


Continuous oven

We have produced numerous designs for continuous ovens. During the design process, we paid close attention to energy saving and improved the insulation of the side walls of the oven.

Cooling tunnel for confectionery products

A customer from the confectionery industry commissioned us to design a cooling tunnel for food products of different lengths and dimensions.

Creation of a 3D model of a fan suction housing

Our design office created a 3D model of a shell-molded housing on the basis of an existing worn part, starting from the two-dimensional drawing and the part’s shell-molded housing.

Design of special burners

Under an ongoing agreement with a customer from the HVAC and plumbing sector, we develop special burners to customer specifications, starting from series models.

Horizontal mixer

We designed a complete range of horizontal mixers for industrial applications.

Innovative low-power burner

On behalf of a client company, we developed the layout of an innovative low-power burner intended for light industrial and residential heating applications.


Rotary forming machine

We were commissioned to design a new forming machine for food products with electronic control and drum width of 1,500 mm.

Rubber backflow preventer

We developed the design of a check valve for installation on existing boiler bodies, in order to prevent the backflow of gas from the boiler flue when the burner is switched off.

Turbo emulsifier

We undertook the design of a turbo emulsifier complete with storage tank and lobe pump for product loading. The function of a turbo emulsifier is to break the bonds of the cream and introduce air into it in order to make it less compact.

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