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Aluminum stator fan

We realized a 3D project of a new stator fan, made in two half, for forced draught burners.
The productive technology consisted in die-cast aluminium alloy, with particular focus to the regularity of the thicknesses (with a standard 2,5 mm) and the structural reinforcements, especially interconnection points between the other parts of the burner.
With a great attention to details and to the different configurations of the machines, we provided all the needed supports, bosses, flattenings to the fusion, considerably lowering the number of works of chip removal.
At the end of the solid modeling phase, we realized the 2D drawing, comprehensive of geometric and dimensional tolerances, designed to optimize the links between the parts.
This project most significant result was the reduction of the production cost for the benefit of the costumer, achieved through studies and attention to the materials and to the single parts of the stator fan.

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