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Studio ASE starts a new project in the automotive industry

We kicked off 2020 with a new project in the automotive industry: the detailed design of a test bench for CVT transmissions.

This is an interesting challenge because the design needs to fulfill a dual test bench function:

  1. Test bench for laboratory testing: involving manual movements for setting the bench according to the CVT
  2. End of assembly line test bench: involving electromechanical movements and quick connections in order to keep pace with the envisaged cycle time.

Furthermore, the same test bench will be used to test two different transmissions: a “vertical” transmission, in which the power input axis is above the power output axis, and a “horizontal” transmission, in which the power input axis is laterally adjacent to the power output axis.

This means it will be necessary to be able to set the bench according to the transmission to be tested, thus creating axes that are movable but at the same time robust, in addition to interchangeable equipment for accommodating the transmission to be tested.

We will carry out the following tasks:

  • Design of the lay-out
  • Design of the interchangeable equipment
  • Definition of the size and type of electromechanical movements
  • Allocation of part number to the new components
  • Execution of drawings of individual parts and sub-units
  • Allocation of part numbers and creation of bills of materials with the customer’s PDM.

Work tasks involving the use of Inventor software.

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